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Hello everyone. Names Jonathan. Owned the ILX for about 2 years now. Enjoying the car. Obviously not the quickest of the Acura line up but for the price I am happy and still not a lot of people are familiar with the ILX so it is fun getting asked a lot of questions everywhere I go.

Mod list follows..


* Work Wheels VS-MX 18x8 +35
* ISC Suspension Sport Coilovers
* Falken Ziex tires 225/40
* Megan Racing rear tie bar
* Takeda Pro-5R CAI
* Megan Racing 2.5" downpipe


* Acura OEM front lip
* STI front splitter
* HIC window visors
* SpoilerKing rear window visor
* amber LED headlight DRLs & lower fogs
* white LED reverse & plate lights


* VIPd Out front leather tray
* Executive VIP front leather neck pads

Future mods in a rough order

* AFspec brake, DRL, & fog LEDs
* DC Sports 2.5" axle-back exhaust
* DC sports 2.5" catless header
* custom mandrel bent piping
* Ktuner tuning solutions
* Acura OEM side skirts & rear valance
* Aeroflow skirt extensions
* rebuild Work Wheels 18x8 +35 > 18x9.5 +17ish
* vinyl B pillars & interior plastics
* Executive VIP rear neck pads
* Executive VIP rear throw pillows
* misc interior VIP pieces

Pipe-dream mods

* air suspension (going to happen but when TBD)
* supercharger (waiting on tuning support)


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You sure are so proud of that awesome beast, congrats and welcome!
LMAO!! Not sure if that was a back handed compliment or not. But I'll take it! hahaha

I am proud of it. I enjoy driving the car and I enjoy how different it looks from a stock ILX. Ill enjoy it more in the future when its on bags and with a tune/ maybe boosted. Im thinking 3 years and I should have bags and a tune done. Boost will depend on if Ktuner makes a tuning solution that supports injectors and boost instead of just bolt ons.
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