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Just bought my third MDX last year (32K mi).
Had a weird experience today.
Parked the car, turned off ignition, removed key.
Alarm sounded. Door locks would not open (85-degrees outside--yikes)!
Put key back into ignition, turned on, put into gear and then back in park, tried to turn-off panic alarm and unlock doors -- no response.
Alarm kept constant sound for 3-mins as I tried to get doors to unlock. Hit Panic on fob again to cease the alarm...which it finally did.
Hit unlock button on driver door, it worked, turned MDX off and removed key.

Would this be that the key needs a new battery? I seem to recall that the little "beep" on using fob to lock/unlock doesn't make a sound now.

Freaked out that momentarily I was a captive in my beautiful MDX! :eek:
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