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Good morning,

The car the story the plan.

My friend passed away not a cheery start but it is ok.

He got in an accident 10 years ago but walked away fine but the car suffered damage.

He pulled it off the road last known registration was 2008 She has 37K on her. New England winters outside 10 years.
The car was left to me I now have the title to her.

There is a plethora of aftermarket goodies on her. Turbonetics Turbo, Pro series fuel rail ,3102 Fuel injectors (have know idea what size Black) , remote oiler for turbo (it looks like it anyway)Upgraded intercooler and upgraded radiator, Fatt DC II timer (?) aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, blow off valve on intercooler intake. Manual and Electronic Fuel pressure gauges and /volt/boost/oil/gauge cluster.

Just to get you an idea what I am trying to become familiar with. I have no documentation.

I want to get her running but unfortunately somebody sold the ECU with the Kprohondata installed.

I got a 37820-PND-A56 ECU to prep for the Kpro upgrade BUT I want to hear her start before spending the money to make sure there are not other underlying issues.

I have the Key but when I plug in the other computer I know there is a communication issue that needs to be bypassed in order to at least get her to start.

I can get the car to crank but no fuel pressure readings on the manual gauges and i do not hear the fuel pump.

THE Question???

I heard that 2002-2004 you can bypass the key lock out by rewiring the primary fuel pump relay that is cut off by an additional 2n fuel pump relay so it wont start and you just skip the 2nd relay and power to the first and the key switch will now turn the fuel pump on and off. So hopefully it will at least start.

I intend to bring this car back to its original glory and put a commemorative badge on it for my friend, he loved the car.

I just want to get it to start before going to the next stage.

Does anyone know how to make this ECU set up and key to allow the car to start.

Thank you for your help and Joining your forum.


RSX Type S Bring her back to life.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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