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Greetings to Acuraworld,
My name is Paul and as of 2-6-13 I have become a first time Acura owner of a 2008 RL Silver/Taupe, CPO with 24K miles. I live in CT and spent the day digging out of 3+ feet of snow today however, the RL remained in the garage. My profession is that of a Toolmaker for 30+ yrs. I currently work for a major consumer products group with 21 yrs of service as a Modelmaker where I support new product development. When looking for a new(er) vehicle I concluded that the RL provided the greatest value regarding features, comfort and reliability. I purchased the car in Delaware and drove it to CT and within that 4 hr blast I knew I had made a good choice. I just need to become more proficient with the features this vehicle offers. I look forward to interacting with the forum, I have no doubt that I will learn much from all of you and hope I can contribute one day as well.
Best Regards,
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