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Hi to all,

Pleasure to be a new owner of an 03 Acura 3.2 TL. Car was very well maintained and is VERY clean for this part of the country (N.E. Ohio/ Western PA.

158,000 mi and I expect to get over 300,000 ( It replaced a 1995 Accord with over 250,000 mi and THAT car is still running well. but had enough "little things" like rust and window regulators going that ...well it was time. And the Honda will serve its next owner for a "run around town" or "winter car" just nicely)

I really did not need Heated Seats or Navigation (that is so far behind now in 2016) but the Condition of the vehicle for the money was tough to beat.

QUESTION: Has anybody converted a TL by removing the NAV and replacing the screen with the conventional HVAC controls? Is this "Plug and Play"

Thanks for having me and look forward to many GREAT conversations here.

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