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After 27 years, I go back to Acura RDX 2018. My only other Acura was called Legend 1991. It was really a nice car !

Just got this RDX 2018 Tech Package with 3k miles last month. I did not want the newer 4cyl with 9 speed. Time will tell if these are reliable. I'm confident they will not be as good as the older 6 Cyl/6 Speed. The $200 annual saving in gas does not justify the compromise !

I hate the RDX 2018 grille. And it is not as smooth as the Lexus RX350, but there was a huge difference in acceleration. In addition to, $12k difference in price

I did test drive the MDX also, which was my original target vehicle. I felt it was not easy to control on the freeway. I had a much larger Lexus LX470, it was more stable on the highway than the MDX.

I dropped all the German cars, after repeated bad experiences with BMW and to a lesser extent Mercedes. These are very nice for 5-6 years, almost addictive ! They go well up to 70-80k miles. Once, you cross that threshold, it become extremely expensive to maintain.

So I end up with RDX !!
So far it is fun
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