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what's up ackworld...first time on this forum and first time owning a TL...ive been a beema owner for a last 3 cars were beemas...after owning 2 E46's and 1 E36 M3...i decided to join the Japanese world just cuz germans are too damn expensive man. So i've always wanted one of these bad boys called a Type-S...just wanted to see if anyone can give me insight on these cars...i'll be reviewing the forums and reading up. however wanted to see what you guys can advise as far as what's good, what's not good and so on and so forth. Also what are some small upgrades that can be done to make this car handle a bit better. i'm so used to a beemas tight handling that going into this car is a bit on the slothy side if you know what i mean...performance wise its not bad however maybe you guys can inform me on some goods for this vehicle. my apologies for writing so much it's just that i needs to know lol...:wavey:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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