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So I have had my 03 TL for almost 6 years now. Never did much to it myself other than putting on the spare tire once due to a flat :)
I like to meddle around and have been doing just with household stuff - applicances, computers etc. I now have this urge to "know" my car a little better. Bought this "3M Fuel System Tune-up Kit" and want to do clean up the throttle body.

Was wondering if there are any pictures or videos that explain the various parts of the engine. I have seen a few videos on youtube, but a lot of the jargon is new to me, so need to sit down and understand the various parts before I can properly follow any DIY video. I am very challenged with respect to a car engine and its parts now, but I am confident with some reading / training I will be fine :)

Any tips, pointers and material is appreciated! Anyone in Central NJ who would like to teach me a bit of DIY?? I can help with computers if you want..
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