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New to site. What's up? 92 Integra

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I bought a 1992 Acura Integra recently for my teenage son. Car had definitely been modified for racing...non-Vtech, added headers, front/rear torsion bars, suspension upgrades, carbon fiber dash. Has been a quick fun little car, but a few months ago we started having a fuel delivery issue (car would turn over, but either wouldn't start at all or wouldn't stay running when it did start). Originally, I checked the fuel relay and didn't hear the expected three clicks. Bought and installed new relay. It took a while to get started, but finally did. After just a few days, same thing happened, so I replaced the fuel pump but we are still having same issue (won't start or stay running). Looking forward to researching the issue here and would welcome any tips from experienced Acura enthusiasts to help me chase this problem.
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awesome 78 people looked at this and no replys.......... is it in the wrong place ?
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