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Hi members,
I'm new to the Acura world.
After 7 Volkswagen, one after another for the last 15 years I have been a VW owner but I now it was time to change so I decided to go with Acura. I love the way this car looks and drive and I always hear the good reliability of this brand.
Last week, I bought a wonderful 2013 TL w/Tech package. I just drove this car and I love the way it feels and drive. Let me tell you that I LOVE IT. It feels solid, tight, fast, well dome car. I'm very impress with it and I look forward to enjoy it for many years to come.
I'm have been for many years I active member in several VW forums. Love to do work on my cars and do some personalization to it. I also look forward to learn new stuff about these cars from all of you.
I looking forward to meet y'all.
I live in Plano, TX (DFW area).
Best regards,
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