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As I said I'm new to foreign cars. I grew up in a Chevy only family. But the wife liked the Acura so Here I am. I don't know how about them at all. I see there is potential in the car to make it fun however I also see a lot of issues in the car. We bought a 99 Acura TL 3.2L V-6. There seems to be a shortage on parts as well that wont bankrupt me. Any suggestions will help greatly. If needed I can go into deeeeeep detail on the issues and what I would like to have happen to it.

About us. I am a former active duty Recon Marine (98 to 06) Honestly the best years of my life were spent in the Corps. I miss it everyday. My wife is the shining star though. I married a pastry chef! YUMMMMMM

Cant wait to get to know all of you more.:beerchug:
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