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Hey Guys,
I have a 2009 Acura TSX 4Dr. I have been hearing this noise whenever I start my car in the morning or I start it in the evening after it has been parked in the cold for 8 hours. Once the car gets warm, I no longer hear it when I restart it. It has been suggested that it is quite possibly a timing belt issue. I have a video on youtube but I am not allowed to post it here just yet. The sound is right as the car starts. It has about 80k on it.

I bought acura warranty when I bought it but I dont know if this is covered. Acura dealership suggested I leave it overnight for them to diagnose it. And they were saying if its the timing belt, it wont be covered since its a wear and tear item. Didn't seem very enthusiastic when they heard I wanted to see if this is covered by warranty.
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