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Hoping someone here with more knowledge than I can help. I did search and didn't see any related topics.

So, I have a 2019 Acura RDX Advance. I live over an hour away from the nearest Acura dealer, so for things like oil changes, tire balancing, etc (ie, normal maintenance), I take it to a local garage (where they've always taken good care of my '08 MDX as well).

Took in the RDX for an oil change, and the local shop said that it looked like there was "a minor fluid leak between the transmission and transfer case (PTU)". Since the car is still under warranty, he suggested we bring it to Acura.

Schlepped the car to the nearest Acura dealership, who said "Observed grease around the transfer case. This is a normal characteristic of the vehicle. The grease on the transmission output shaft splines will slightly seep."

So, is it normal for there to be a fluid leak between the transmission and the transfer case? Did they both see different things? As Dr. McCoy would say, "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a mechanic". Seepage of any time doesn't seem normal to me. Can anyone please educate me? I can take the car to an even further away Acura dealership for a 3rd opinion if needed.

Many thanks in advance!

I had the exact same situation. Non-dealer mechanic saw the leak. Acura dealer claimed it was grease and not a leak. Waiting for next oil change to see if there is any change.
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