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To creatively paraphrase NSX chief engineer Ted Klaus, the upcoming Acura supercar will be like a Nissan GT-R, but built for drivers.

Exactly what does that mean? In essence it will deliver truly world-class performance without an ultra-exotic price tag. It also will maintain the brand’s core man-machine synergy principle.


Speaking during a recent round-table with journalists Klaus would not, however, reveal anything (or at least not much) about the car’s projected price. In fact, he wouldn’t even provide a give-or-take-$50,000 estimate.

Instead he chose a wider spread commenting that it will fall within the range of the Porsche 911. Hardly helpful, that currently covers a range from $80,000 to just over $180,000.

Perhaps suggesting it won’t be near the top of that range Klaus revealed that the, “person excited to own and drive this vehicle will have a tremendous sense that they got back a … sports car experience at a price that is a fraction of those vehicles.”


As for what “those vehicles” are, Klaus elaborated, commenting that benchmarked cars range into the truly exotic, including the Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4-12C. Less pricey, though equally capable rivals include the Corvette, Audi R8 and perhaps the car the NSX will be compared to most (based on factors of performance and price) the Nissan GT-R.
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