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A few days ago I started to hear a ding signifying a service light was showing up on my gauge cluster, but it would go away too fast for me to see what it was. It was driving me nuts. Finally, later last week it stayed long enough for me to read it--my car is low on oil for some reason. I have seen no oil leaking, and I'm about 1,500 miles from my next oil change. It comes on at different times then disappears, and the duration of the notification's appearance varies. Sometimes it just blinks, sometimes it's on for a few seconds.

My car has about 86k miles on it and I bought it used (not certified to my knowledge) at about 44k miles from an Acura dealership. I've had it about a year and a half, so yes I do drive the heck out of it (mostly for work). But I have never had this problem and I've had the oil changed numerous times, on time.

I recently became aware of a TSB about this particular issue and also that this affects 2009 and 2010 models. But my question is this: how long will they need to do an oil consumption check? I'm pretty sure this TSB has been downgraded to a warranty thing, at which point I'm dubious if the dealership will even do anything about it at no cost since my car is not certified used and I have no warranty. I'm not even confident they'll give me a loaner (this dealership's service dept, I've since learned, is not very trustworthy). I could take it to another Acura dealership across town, but that doesn't help me very much since it's 45 minutes away and I'm even less confident they will give me a loaner since I didn't buy the car there.

Is this something I just have to deal with now, or is it worth trying to get this fixed in my situation? Do I get to look forward to more frequent oil changes or pouring 1-2 quarts of expensive synthetic oil into the engine on top of more frequent oil changes, or should I get this fixed the proper way and have them do their thing? I'm doubtful I can afford to pay for this maintenance, although it might at least be relatively cheaper in the long run to top it off with oil and/or get more frequent oil changes.
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