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Hi, this is my first post and i did find a good thread about vigor leaks.
(i can't post a thread till i make 15 posts, sorry) in that thread, I didn't see any mention of a potentially grooved crank where the rear main seal rides. My 92 has 284,000 miles and i had a 2nd used autom. trans put in by the dealer about 15,000 miles back. (original went about 160,000) I requested a new rear main seal be installed, it shows they did on the paperwork, yet it dripped oil a bit afterward still.

I took it in as i hoped to stop the leaks, and just as i read in the above thread, many leaks were found including the oil cooler, some from the rear main seal, and distributor. I didn't do anything at the time, and usually run the oil a little on the low side. But i just had a oil change, and about 50 miles later got LOTS of leaking. Considerable.
Is it possible the crank shaft is grooved and even the new seal is leaking that bad? If a bunch came out all of a sudden it would lead me to believe it's something else. I do get wisps of smoke on the heat shield of the exhaust.
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