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Hello this is my first time posting on acura im having a problem that i really don't know what to do and would really appreciate your help.

So basically i purchased an 06 acura tl with 312k on it i absolutely love this car but sadly it has been giving so much problems from day 1. I purchased this on feb 2018 and it had a oil pan gasket leak which i repaired. I also fixed some other minor stuff but my main problem now is that it is leaking oil. The mechanic told me that the oil pump housing is leaking and he can reseal it but its a temporary fix. He even offered to do an engine swap with 200k on it the price for the engine reseal is $1100 with new timing belt water pump, the engine swap would be $1500 but i don't think it would have a timing belt replaced or any of that....i spent so much money on this car already so i don't want to get rid of it i actually want to keep it for a long time. Maybe 3 - 4 years...also i should mention it has had 11 owners in the past i know i know which is pretty was my mistake not to look at the vehicle history before purchasing but i can't do any thing about it now....but my option now is reseal or engine swap? which would be the better way to go?
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