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One call is all it took!!!

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1-800-382-2238...Acura customer service center...Pressed one and spoke to the most sincere customer service representative...I basically explained about how ive taken my car in 3 times in 1and1/2 months to fix my brakes...I told them how my dealership sucks and how they wont replace the rotors to meet my satisfaction...He said that acura doesn't replace rotors or pads because its basically a wear and tear item...The dealership basically resurfaces them and put new pads to meet my satisfaction...Then I went on to explain about my tranny...I told them that I read all the shit on the boards about the dying trannies...I told him about my dealership just replacing the solonoid and flushing the tranny...I went on to say that many members have said that flushing the tranny and replacing the solonoid only leads to a later death of the tranny...I told him I wanted a new tranny...He started a case file for me and got the district service manager to give my dealership a call...Well I got a call from my service manager expressing his sorrow for my bad experience there and assured me better service in the future...They are going to can my old tranny and give me a new one tuesday...Also they are going to give me new front rotors and pads as a courtesy for all my troubles...He told me that he noticed my drop on my car and my exhaust and my intake...He said if I really want better performance to just buy the x-drilled rotors and new pads later on after the stock ones warp again...Im so glad i felt inclined to call the customer service center today...What they told me this morning was bullshit at the dealership and it angered me badly...I think this time they will take matters more seriously...My advice to other members is dont wait for your dealership to twiddle their thumbs, take action and be persistent...Youll be amazed by what they will do to cover their reputation...Comments are welcome...Shyne:king:
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glad to hear that bro, very very happy for you. i will definitley hve to call them up some time when i am not busy (damn it will be forever i bet) and complain about the rotors as well as the scratches by the mud guards :)

happy for you shyne
Man, that sounds exactly what i did today. I took my car to my normal dealer, where i got the car actually, and they refused to fix my brakes under the TSB sayin that the pads were too badly worn. SOmething tells me that most cars get brakes after like 3 years and 40 plus thou milkes and i need them at 2 years and 33 thousand miles shows there is a prob. i pleaded with them but to no avail, said that many peopke on the forum had this done but they didnt care, so i called acura customer sercive and they opened a complaint and hopefully will call me back tom and let me know what happens. I also had tranny probs and i will be calling them again about that too, that should help with the smooth talkking. well ill post when im all said and done, thanks for all the info from all.
Very glad to hear long have you been having tranny trouble?

wow congratulations shyne...and i agree with you. don't wait for the dealership to do anything on their own. if you are unsatisfied in any way, call Acura...they will handle it immediately.

IMHO, Acura dealerships customer service SUCK, but corporate Acura knows better...and forces the dealerships to treat us how we ought to be treated.
I had problems with the one local dealership here, but thank God the other one was much better and fixed my pad no problem. I think I am going to call Acura customer service and complain about that mega-dealership here. Hall Acura has 2 seperate dealerships, as well as many other types of makes. Talk about a monopoly...they own 2 out of the only 3 Acura dealerships in the Hampton Roads area, and they don't want to honor any warranty complaints...:mad:
Way to be Shyne now ur gonna get that fixed and u can move on to bigger and better things (19s) BTW what tires did u end up getting? glad to here u got it all worked out bro. peace
it's good to hear stories like this from time to time. Most of the time we get shafted and it's about time someone takes responsiblity and does something. You paid for the car and for the car to be in good driving condition. For simple reason you did not purchase used car - yeap yeap! Hope all works out for ya bro. Until then just drive around in ur mom's car. LOL!

LIL Raja
Word to all - if you have an issue the dealer won't take care of, or it's a big failure (engine, tranny, etc) ALWAYS call customer service. IT can never hurt and it almost always helps. Be honest with the CS people - tell them what you want.

I got my car back with a new tranny in it for 3 days. :)
nice...thanks for the tip..i was planning to call customer service if my dealership doesnt do anything about my tranny..(when i finally have time to take it in)

thats the best method when u go to any business establishment is contact management or corporate....
Good work. I had a similar experience when my CD-Changer went out at 1000 miles. I was the 3rd time I'd taken my car in for things to be repaired since purchase.
According to the dealer, they could only give me a remanufactured HU to replace my broken one. After waiting almost 2 weeks, I was going nutz. I called ACURA Customer Service and boom.....w/in 2 days, I was getting a brand new HU installed.

Bottom line, Customer Svc is very helpful.
Glad to hear that Shyne. :bigok: :bigok:
rominl said:
glad to hear that bro, very very happy for you. i will definitley hve to call them up some time when i am not busy (damn it will be forever i bet) and complain about the rotors as well as the scratches by the mud guards :)

happy for you shyne
so as far as the mud guards scatchin the fander, is that still under warrante??
Well im glad that they were able to work things out for you..It's funny i have not actually purchased my TL yet but im having second thoughts about it because of the things that i am hearing..I mean i have always owned honda's and i want to keep it that way but im not really sure..

69tl said:

so as far as the mud guards scatchin the fander, is that still under warrante??
well acura never put it under warranty work and i am sure almost all dealers would deny responsibility on that. but i have heard more and more sucessful stories on getting the fenders repainted after people called acura
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