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I have a 2009 TL Tech AWD.
62.5k miles. Perfect maintenance.
In very good/excellent physical appearance.

Interested in opinions as to what price I can get for this.

Planning to advertise on Craigslist and perhaps eBay, although suggestions on where to advertise are welcome.

Thank you.


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Out of curiosity and to know a rock bottom price, I went to the Acura dealer where I get it serviced, who offered $6741.

CarMax offered $7000 but I screwed that one up - I'd been to Acura first and put the offer in the empty trunk and forgot about it, then went to CarMax.
I'm sure the CarMax estimator opened the trunk and then it would make sense that he'd read the offer of $6741, so that could have affected his offer to want to just go slightly over Acura.

For some reason, these 2 pix are loading upside down:


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One issue that may affect the price - at least as far as resellers like the Acura dealer and CarMax: I've had a few mild fenderbenders.

Acura used CarFax which stated "Accident reported"

2010 - "Damage Report"
"Accident reported
- Vehicle involved in a rear-end collision
- Involving rear impact with another motor vehicle
- Damage to rear
- Functional damage reported
- Minor damage reported
- Airbags did not deploy."

A young guy moving slowly rear ended me at a light.
There was no functional damage - I drove it around for weeks until the insurance claim was paid.
The rear bumper cover was replaced.

(Unfortunately, I no longer have the body shop receipt/damage evaluation and they are no longer in business).

It also states "Damage reported on 02/05/2014 and 08/09/2019."

In 2014 the car was hit in the rear by the side while parked in a parking lot. I wasn't in it.
Rear bumper cover and Reflector and A/M Tail lamp assy replaced. I got a copy of the body shop receipt yesterday so I can show it to potential buyers who question it - $1593.16 total cost.

About 6 weeks ago I was at a storage facility and backing up slowly managed to back into the edge of one of the concrete bunker type buildings.
No damage to the building - I pointed it out to the manager and my insurance company spoke to her. Rear bumper cover replaced yet again. Body shop receipt shows $831.25 total cost.

CarMax report only mentioned the 2010 incident, but also stated "A lot of paint" or something like that.

When my original warranty was about to expire, I reported everything possible. There was a small area on the roof that had some pitting.
I asked the shop manager several times about having that touched up. Finally he said "We're going to paint it".

I found out he intended to paint the entire car. I assumed he had a deal with a buddy who owned a paint shop and they were taking care of each other, as it was totally unnecessary to repaint the whole car.
However, I had no complaint, as a fresh paint job after 4 years would make it look brand new again (although it was in very good shape).
I don't think I had any idea it would affect selling the car in the future, although I'd intended to keep the car forever, so that wouldn't have bothered me if someone had pointed it out.

Anyway, all of the above are things pointed out to me by Acura and by CarMax as affecting the valuation.
I intend to sell to a private party.

So - What do you guys think I should ask for it, given the pix above and also the info above which people accessing CarFax will see?

PS - Perfect maintenance, which is noted each time in the Maintenance booklet.
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