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My car got hit on last saterday when i was on my way up to seattle. when i got up to tacoma, i was stuck in traffic, and i was on the farest left lane side of the lane, and I look at the rear view mirror and saw the car behind me was breaking really close to my car and the next thing i know My car got BUMP really hard. In my car i got my wife in the front of the passenger side, my 19 months son in the back of the car and my mother in law also. Right after the BUMP my son was crying really hard, so i got out the car and was really piss, and found out that was that the car behind my car got push up by the car behind her. So I was pratically *****ing at the Jetta driver and the guy from the Jetta said " i was only going 70 MPH" so i was like you was only going freaking 70 MPH on a 60 MPH zone??
then i have my wife call the police and once the police show up, she( police officer ) told us she is not going to write any report due to my car demage is not escess over $1K, so I had to take both of their information and after that we all go our way.
so when we all took off we found out my son had a freaking big bump on the back of his head. also my mother in law, my wife and I also suffer back pain, and neck pain.
so all in whole week i been going around to get quote for my car, and I came across couple body shop, AAA quote to fix my car for $1100 and using PPG paint, Percision Auto Body shop quote for $970 and the last place call LT&T bodyshop quote me for $1200 and they are using SIKKEN paint. so my question to you guy are what are the difference between Sikken and PPG??

P.S still piss at the Jetta freaking driver

:mad: :mad:
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i really don't know about the paint, but sorry to hear what happened to your car :( it's really amazing that that bitch officier didn't even give a ticket to the jetta driver........ damn..... and personally, besides the paint used, i would check out the quality of their work too. price is not a problem coz' you were not at fault and the other insurance pays for everyting.

and please please plesae...... go to a doctor and have everyone checked up on...... i mean, internal injury could lead to long time physical therapy

and wait, what the fuck did the cop mean when she said, "not going to write report since it's under 1k"?!?! wtf? she's not adjuster and she's not authorized to estimate a damage, so she cannot base her report on that. i don't know if that's really this freaking rule up there in seatle, but here in cali you can ask for a report on anything. hell, the bumper on the tls are very very very flexible. even with a super hard hit, you will find the bumper almost untouch. however internal damage could be huge!

when i was hit some while ago from the back, my bumper was perfect but the frame was actually shifted. the body shop guy didn't even notice anything initially when i brought the car to the shop, but it still ended up being a 1400 repair coz' most of the money was spent on the frame itself. make sure you check out everything in your car

good luck man :(
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thanx for letting me know about the our flexible, now i have to let the body shop guy to aware of that ...

once again thanx for the inf.
First of all, sorry to hear what happened. :(

The police officer probably didn't wanted to write a police report because there isn't serious damage. They even refuse to come out to the seen if there is no bodily injury somethimes. :mad: :mad:

About the paint........

I never heard of SIKKEN paint product. :dunno: In my shop, we use PPG and that's one of the best paint product in this industry. Dupont's pretty good, too.

All you have to do is take your car to the bodyshop that is most reliable to you and have your insurance company inspect the vehicle!! And make sure everyone gets checked up!!!

Good luck!!
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i think you should go to your local acura dealer and see where acura body work is done..

Thats what i usually do....
If Songoku has never heard of SIKKEN paint then I'd go for the PPG just on that fact alone. Sorry about the accident, that really bites. It's pretty common for cops not to care about vehicle accidents anymore unless there's real serious damage or injury involved. I got side swipped by an uninsured motorist in downtown LA before (not in my TL) and the police refused to even come over to document it, even though it was a definite crime cause driving in CA without insurance is grounds for impounded a vehicle. Of course, I noticed later on that day that tons of cops were out enforce on the streets giving tickets to any cars whose meters had run out. Good to see that we have our priorities straight here. Man, if one of those cars did not get a ticket, boy, the world might just have come to an end.
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Bebber said:
if one of those cars did not get a ticket, boy, the world might just have come to an end.
that prove to us how f$ck up the system is:bs: :bs:
you bet, it's really so fucked up imho. my gf parked on the street, put coins in the meter, ONLY to come back second after the meter went off. and guess what, a pretty 35 bucks ticket on her winshield.

how about all the freaking cops on the freeway traps trying to get cars going 20mph over limit when it's a long stretch of road with no other damn cars?

or how about this (at least in LA). a cop pulled over a car. fine, for whatever reason. then a second cop came by, and for SOME reason that cop also decided to stop and join the CHAT with the first cop. what's the point? the driver was sitting quietly in his seat, does that post any threats to the cops?

and last of all, something i can never undertand. whenever there is a persuit (which is plenty common in LA), you will find 10 or more cop cars / motors, with helicoptors following the ass of that car for hrs before they finally go the guy or whatever. my point is, you figure out just how much fuel those cops have wasted?

our system is getting sooo good....
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