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Hello friends,

I thank everyone in advance for any and all assistance they may be able to provide me with.

So I have had my car in the parking lot for a few months now due to replacing it with a more fuel efficient vehicle to save on gas.

It no longer runs, and, though I will miss it dearly, I need to part with it.

It has a laundry list of problems, all of which are going to be very expensive to repair and I have neither the money nor the wrenchiness to fix them.

I need to sell her and I don't know the best way to go about it I suppose. It doesn't run as is, and probably won't without a lot of money spent on repairs so I won't get squat for trade in, and I'm not in the market for a new car anyways.

I looked into some of the We Buy Junk cars places and, of the few places that seem to be available in my area, they all offered basically nothing for the car.

I wrote this in the hopes that someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.

I doubt anyone would want to purchase it, given that they are so expensive to fix, and how many miles are on it, but of course, if anyone is interested, I would more than welcome your inquiries.

So here is the rundown on my car.

2003 Silver Acura 3.2 CL Type S 6-speed manual (w/out Navi)

No sense trying to sugarcoat it, so here goes:

It has a LOT of miles on it. I think something like 230-240K? I need to go out and check the Odometer.

Won't start, suspect fuel filter. I tried replacing the Main Relay, due to it seeming to have the (I've read rather common) Honda hot-weather no-start issue. The new one is still in it. Didn't fix the problem, though the battery might just be too dead. Tried jumping it but it never did start the last time I messed with it. I tried scrubbing out the air intake with Throttle-Body and Air Intake cleaner and an old toothbrush and that didn't help either.

It's been sitting with fuel in the tank for a few months because it wouldn't start after it got really hot out (See Main Relay above) and I can't justify replacing the battery for a car that still might not start and is completely unknown as to what sort of money I will get back in the sale. I know that is bad for the car and I feel really really bad about it. I'm really sorry, car :(

Needs an oil change surely

Probably needs a new battery

Super slow leak in the rear left tire. I keep it topped off.

Rotors look pretty rusty

Trunk won't open via the button on the doorsill anymore. No idea why. (That was a fun day, I had a box full of stuff in the trunk which I had to rip apart and pull through the small rear seat hatch a piece at a time, trying to reach back to open it with a snow brush....)

Hood mysteriously popped out of the fully-latched position on the highway one day and scared the crap out of me. It didn't fly up or anything, because there is a safety mechanism (Basically a huge d-ring the hood latch hooks into) there for just that reason. It just came unlatched and rattled around in the slipstream. I pulled over right away and tried to get it all the way down but it wouldn't stay tight. I took it to the mechanic who looked like he wiggled a screwdriver in the mechanism for a bit and then it stayed down for some months. After the whole not starting thing, it's gone back to not staying fully latched down again, since I've been in and out of the engine bay so much. I think just some gunk needs to be cleaned out of the mechanism.

Beginnings of rust on the right rear quarter panel on the edge of the wheel wells

Few minor spots (like an 1/8 of an inch) in the paint (hood, roof) where a rock or something must have dinged it, the beginnings of rust in those spots

My mechanic told me awhile ago that the Evap Canister(?) is in need of replacing. (But he also said it wouldn't fail inspection or prevent it from running so I let it go since it was not a cheap fix, and still isn't)

The rear badge fell off after a bad snow storm. Sitting in the cup holder currently

Has a cosmetic gash on the inside passenger side of the console dash that's been there since before I got it. Some idiot tried to touch it up with silver paint. It's still there.

Back when I was a smoker, I got a few small coal burns in the inside roof (drivers side window area, moonroof edge area) near the weather seal from ashing and going over a bump. One more reason to quit, kids. You'll get to see the results of stupidity and a moments inattention staring you in the face for the rest of the time you own your car.

The dealership that sold it to me neglected to mention that the weather seal on the drivers side door must have been damaged because two years later I noticed a sizable patch of rust developing there (Above the top of the window in the door, not visible from inside or outside, but it's there.) It was big enough that I knew it was from before I got it.

The drivers leather seat has a small maybe three inch not quite a tear, but I guess there was a crease in one spot that eventually cracked and separated. It's there, you won't miss it, but it's not a rip or tear, per se, just a separation along the perforations where there was a crease that formed from my butt in the seat.

Parking brake has always been a bit loose. It will hold the car on a flat surface, and even held the car on my folks' relatively steep driveway, but I wouldn't suggest using it by itself. The design Acura chose for the parking brake is absolute crap. They used a separate drum system on the inside of the rear wheels, rather than just having it engage the rear disc brakes like practically every other car on the road.... I did not, I repeat did NOT go hooning about in the snow with it, trying to do rear drift via parking brake assist. One very cold day I engaged the parking brake and when I put it back down, the drums didn't disengage. I drove the car to a shop, and the pads got sanded down in the process. I took it to a Midas and they ordered new pads etc, but they didn't have the parts for the actuation portion of it, and it's never worked right since then. The new pads quickly wore down after that, and I've just put it in first when I park, like most people who drive stick, and engage the parking brake as the secondary level of keeping it in place. (I still use it whenever I park, and it has passed inspection.)

Ok so here's where I have to admit to the one piece of cosmetic damage I AM responsible for: (Ok other than the coal burns) One day it got very very cold and the door froze shut and I was sooooo late to work and I already had a bad habit of getting to work late as it was, so I was trying like hell to get the door open and I didn't want to rip the door handle out and so I....well I took a screwdriver and I was trying to like carve the ice away around the edges of the door (no I didn't ding the paint, I'm not that stupid) and it just wasn't working and I lost it, and in a fit of rage and stupidity, took the pommel of the handle of the screwdriver and banged the crap out of the silver liner things that goes up above and around the door, above the weatherstripping. I don't know what you call it, but it's right at eye level (if you're a short person like me) and you can see little dents in the silver strip thing and it's my fault and I hate looking at it and I'm an idiot. :bash:

Keyfob contacts are worn to where the fob doesn't lock or unlock the car anymore. I've used the key to manually unlock it for a year or two now.
I lost the spare (well it wasn't the spare at the time....) key somewhere in Florida on a business trip.

Couple scratches on the bumper, only on the plastic.

Touch of white paint on the bumper, think I drove through some unmarked wet road paint one day.

Well that was..... just AWFUL to write down.....

I never really mentally went over the entire laundry list all at once before. Now I see why I must say goodbye to her, :cry: and why my wife cries every time I talk about trying to take it with us to our next place, y'know, so I can take it off the road and insurance and take my time and fix it! (Right, yeah, sure..... :shakehed:)

Things I've replaced over the years:

Two HID ballasts at $1000 a much ouch, and kicking myself that I didn't know any better at the time to buy used....

Had a local shop repair the exhaust system from the catalytic converter on back since it was hanging on by a thread at the time. That was like $700. ....thanks Northeastern winters. It's fine now.

The shaft/axle thing that likes to snap in the middle because it's nice and thin there, where the fat rubber bushing/damper thing is, that part of the drivetrain. I don't remember what it was called, but one broke and the car stopped moving and I thought my transmission had blown or something and I almost started crying. It was fixable but expensive. Then the other one broke..... Fixed that too.

I think it needs a new wheel bearing on the drivers side. When it was running it sounded like it was starting to go. Grind-y sound, but not like rusted rotors or bad brakes. Sounded like a bearing.

I've replaced the rotors and brakes a number of times since they always seem to want to warp on me. Replaced all four calipers at some point.
I really did NOT drive the car THAT hard, or brake super hard either, so I never figured that out, other than that I probably should have gotten better parts to put on it whenever I replaced the brakes and rotors, so they probably just were not ever happy with slowing down for an exit ramp from 80. Yes I drove fast, and got my fair share of speeding tickets to prove it, but I never redlined it, I never dumped the clutch, I never raced it, I never revved it, I didn't abuse it, I never lugged the engine, I babied the clutch, I never put 87 gas in it (It called for 91, I put in 91.) It was a fast car and handled like a dream and I respected her and took the best care of her that I could.

So what actually works on this scrapheap you might be asking?

Well, when it WAS running..... it was a dream.... even the last several weekly shakedown runs to try and keep it in drivable shape while I was not using it as my daily driver, rusty rotors and loud wheel bearing and all :) Handling was as on rails as a FWD car could be. Got up to speed as fast as I ever really wanted to get there. The transmission and clutch were magnificent, and as far as I can tell, the clutch is still rock solid. Yes, even with almost 250K on it, the original clutch is, as near as I can tell, though admittedly I suppose I am not qualified to make that determination, in great shape. There was ZERO slip that I could detect. No problems with the transmission or engine.

Suspension, etc seem to be in good shape. Handled great and was a dream on the highway or the backroads. No bangs or bumps or noises

Both seat heaters work great (even if one of the led indicator lights on the console doesn't come on to tell you it's on. You can't miss that it's on, either by looking to see that the button is depressed or, if you wait a few minutes, by noticing that your buttcheeks are getting warmer)

Moonroof works.

Sound system works great, even if you have to whack the side of the console occasionally when you load or eject a CD. (Ok so that should have gone up above. Sorry. It DOES work though.)

Windows go up and down

Heat and A/C work fine

Still looks beautiful, even with the few minor blemishes. You can't see them till you're close up anyways.

So there you have it. That's my car, warts and all, and I would love to give her a nice new home to live out her days, but I doubt that's going to happen.

But if anyone knows a better way than I have found to get rid of it and perhaps even get something more than a few bucks for it, I would be eternally grateful, and so would my better half.

So I thank you for reading this, and congratulations on making it to the end.

If anyone is interested, I live in upstate NY just north of Albany.
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