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I am in desperate need for some help. I have a 98' RL with an intake and cat back exhaust. I am looking for headers to complete the exhaust and engine upgrades. I am also thinking of putting a turbo on the motor and looking for advice on that subject I live in Arizona so it is hot and I have heard some stories about turbos not being very reliable in the heat. I am looking for anything from the best spark plug wires to VTech controllers. Any info would be greatly appricated.

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Aftermarket Suppliers!!! We have money that we want to spend!!!

Hey, Juiced_RL!!!

Did you find anything interesting in the way of go-fast gear for your RL? I'm still looking for good stuff for mine... My requirements are a little restrictive in that I don't want to make the car too much louder, and I'd like to not change out the tranny too often. I also have a '94 4cyl AccordEX (automatic) that has been soup'ed, that I use as my "fun" car. Exterior wise, its kind of a sleeper, a quick glance only suggests lowering but I've been able to get about 170hp out of it (breathing naturally). My biggest gripe about this one is that I've had to change the tranny 3X!!! in 150,000mi (the HP was way too much for the autotranny! there are a few companies that can built you a beefed up transmission, but it is damn expensive and the shifts are pretty harsh... If you want to put a lot of HP to the ground, a manual slushbox is the way to go!... save yourself some anguish and just get one of the type-s' and get some decent numbers out-of-the-box!). That last time was the last straw! I tuned down the motor a little... so sad...:(but it's still tossable, thanks to eibach springs, anti-sways. shock tower brace and sloted front disc/crossdrilled reardisc/braided brakeline setup!... and, I've never really timed it, but I think I can still get a sub 7sec 0-60 (if I can control the wheel spin:)).

I don't think I can afford to fix my RL too much if I break it ( and my wife will hurt me and withold "happytime" if I have to spend money on repairs that I could have avoided)

If anyone knows of good go-fast gear (reliable and not too loud) for the RL, please don't keep it secret... maybe I'll try the "valueTL" lead that "TLontheDL" suggested.

Thanks for all the help, everyone!
and, Juiced_RL, keep us posted on your upgrades! and post some pics! :) BTW, if you slam your car don't forget to correct your camber! I burned 3sets of tires, just on the inside tread, in just 45,000mi before I got the camber kit for my Accord!... even though it doesn't make your car look different, it is a very wise investment for your tires.
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