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pics of my painted headlights

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The hardest part was getting the lights out and then back in. painting them was a cinch. Adam (soopa) did most of the work, I was moving this weekend. We used Rustoleum Professional (white can, yellow logo.) Aluminum. I wasnt sure how I felt about them at first but they are growing on me day by day, I really like them now. I was the only damn first gen at Park Ave yesterday btw. at least 8 first gen CL's though, and some nice ones at that. well heres the pics. Its that angelfire deal again, so drag the link and drop it in your address bar, or type it in, whichever you prefer.

these pics were just taken, and its damn sunny out, Im gonna try and replace them with better ones, but you can kinda get the idea. Adam will do headlights for 150 a set (shipped back to you), you choose the color. Im real happy with how they came out.

Props to Dom (96TL) for bailing us out in figuring out how to get the rest of the bumper off. he's the motherfuckin man :thimbsup:
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They kind of look the same to me...except it's a little smoother looking. I like it but for the time and effort, I don't know if it was worth it?:dunno:
yeah, i agree with chad. the time and effor isn't worth it if the "new look" isn't too noticable. the thing is is that you like it...its all that matters :beerchug:
thats exavtly how I felt when it was done. I wasnt sure if it was worth the time and effort.... but they are a little more noticeable than the pics show. They'd only be noticeable to someone who knows first gens. The thing about the second gens, is that part of the housing extends past the hoodline, and when its painted this color, i t makes it look like eyelids. we dont have anything like that, so its only really noticeable on the part of the housing surrounding our fogs. I like it a lot though, and Ill try to post some better pics
yes, post more pictures. i'd love to see some. :)

i was coming home from work yesterday and saw a legend (the last model they made before they made the RL) anyway, the guy had clear corners and clear front bumper lights. I was staring at it and it looks A LOT like our TL's! i meant the front end....not the body or tail lights or anything like that. anyway, i noticed their also looks like ours. anybody here know somebody with a Legend that can compare sizes of the grill? if its the same, we'll probably have a good chance of getting another aftermarket grill modification. :)
i saw them at the parkave meet and at first look i didnt notice them( from far away) but when i was looking at the rest of the car it was nice... i woulda thought that they would have curves and stuff cause that what it looks like stock :beerchug: good job tho
Looks noticable to me. Sweet bro! :beerchug:
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