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I have a 2007 Acura TL Type S and everything is great, but the trunk stopped opening when I press the button. My friend closed the trunk on his backpack buckle by accident, which before that it worked perfectly, but not anymore. I can go through the backseat and unlock the actual hatch but I can't click the button on my keys or in the button left of the steering wheel. I can here the trunk click when I press the button on the key, it's trying to unlock, but just won't.
Please help
Thanks Dalton
You've probably bent up something in the trunk lock mechanism. It comes off with two bolts. If you can't figure out what is bent, go to a junkyard and get one from there.

On the 00-03 TLs, the latch has a little spring that likes to go SPROINGGGG and fly off and then the latch won't latch at all . I replaced the whole latch before I noticed the spring just lying there in the trunk.
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