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Please read before posting!

Welcome to the Acura World forum! Many of you have participated in forums. Some of you haven't. Not all forums are created equal, so here are some guidelines to follow on ours:

Acura World was created with the intention of providing a comfortable and safe place for people who own, previously owned or just have an interest in Acura vehicles to meet, exchange ideas, share information and enjoy each other's company. These forums are maintained in that spirit and members are expected to honour those goals. The basic guide to etiquette is this: be polite, be mature, keep your language as clean as possible and respect the opinions of others (even if you disagree). You are reminded that you agreed to our Terms and Conditions when signing up to the forum, Posted Here!

The forum Administrators/Moderators will browse the forums to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. Anyone not following the guidelines may find their posts deleted, warnings may be issued or bans of various lengths handed out if the problem continues. If you notice any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines, please use the report function or contact admin or a moderator by private message. All such reports or pm’s will be dealt with confidentially between members and the Admin/Mod team.


Behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated AT ALL. If you display this behaviour on our forums then you will be warned and then banned if you persist. You will be given one warning max. Serious violations of this rule will be met with an instant and permanent ban.


That includes jokes, one-line asides and pointed remarks from the right, the left, in between or upside down. It also includes comments or photos about guns. If you feel the need to make a point, please take it to a political forum, the newspapers, your neighbours or a bar.


Everything that takes place within this forum is the responsibility of the team who own and run it. If that means we must edit, remove or close any posts/threads we feel are not in the best interests of the forum, or the public at large, we reserve the right to do so without your permission.


There are a number of different forums on these message boards - the full list is on the 'forum index' page. Please use the appropriate forum when starting a new topic. 9 times out of 10 you will get the best answers from the model specific forums. Messages relating to a specific topic should be posted on that topic's own forum and if a forum has not been set up for that topic then please contact the moderators so it can be set up. Post only one thread! The occasional bump is acceptable if you don't get the answer you are looking for, but please do not do it too much.

Please do not post car related issues on the New Member Introductory forum. This is just for introducing yourself and your Acura


Do try and keep to the topic of the thread as thread jacking and cross posting, (posting the same content across various threads/sub forums), is prohibited. If you want to raise a new issue then consider whether a new topic is more appropriate.


Please do not use these forums for personal disputes, heated debates, flame wars etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums. If you should find that your discussion is becoming too heated or someone is becoming far too passionate about their argument, it is recommended to stop posting as not to get into a 'post war' and use the report post function if you feel a Moderator should be aware of the situation.


Sometimes people can write something that you may find offensive. Before launching into a public condemnation though, please consider that the person may not have intended to cause offense. It is very easy to misinterpret a post on forums. There is absolutely no need to resort to insults. Respect others' views even if you disagree with them. Also, if you have a personal dislike of something in a subject by all means comment. However, if the comment is just offensive and adds nothing to the conversation except making you feel good then please keep it to yourself, or where appropriate, report the post.

8. Conversations, (formally called Private Messages)

The use of Conversations is to allow you to take discussions off the main forums for a bit of privacy. Its main function is to provide people with a means of communicating securely details such as address details etc. However for general chit chat please post in the relevant thread in the relevant topic.

Using the Conversation facility to argue/harass/promote services is strictly not allowed and all Conversations are subject to the general Forum Rules.


Advertising without being an official Site Sponser is prohibited. If you wish to advertise please contact Admin, who will authorise marketing and adverts. Any users in breach may be banned. This includes links in your signature.


Links to relevant information is encouraged. Please provide the source for the information, so plagiarism is not undertaken (wilfully or not). Links that are off topic are not allowed and will be deleted.


What is a troll? It's a person who posts something which is bound to stir people up and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes trolls get their friends to join in or post under different names. Generally they will do anything it takes to get attention. If you see a message like this, please try and refrain from replying to it - it may well be deleted anyway. Again, use the report function where appropriate

Your Administrator, Joel (Vader101)
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