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    Votes: 43 33.9%
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    Votes: 84 66.1%

Poll: RSX or Integra

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Which one would you pick and why?
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I really would rather not have to pick either, but since that wasn't an option i would choice the teg of the rsx.

i have driven many of both and i don't know just something about the rsx doesn't seem right. maybe i just fit a bit better in the teg :dunno:

either way, that is my vote
first of all both nice cars.
The integra has better suspension from the factory. But guessing from the board, u will probably do away with suspension and get new one. The RSX is newer and has newer technology. The seats are awesome. Get the type-s and switch out the exhaust. I have seen one black rsx and that shit was mean sounding. I was like whooooo- who that?? anyway, test drive them both and then make the purchase.

LIL Raja
teg, def

i like the body style of the tegs vs. the rsx and also the type r and the rsx-s put out pretty much the same thing
I'd take an RSX-S....dunno...kinda getting tired of seeing Integras ;)
The Integra is tight, but the RSX is SWEET!! My bro bought a 2002 Type S, it hauls and is very nice ride!
Id pick the *ahem* RSX...:bigok:
Personally, I'd pick the Integra.

The Integra is my all time favorite car. Esp with the JDM Conversion. and you can do lots and lots to it. I'd like to own one just for kicks. But the RSX on the other hand.. :wired: The seats are pretty good, holds you in place, but the seats are hard as f$%, the suspension is great IMO! I got to drive around in bebber's RSX loaner car, took a few hard turns busting out the e-brake as well. the handling is great.

But the thing that gets to me is the fact that the dash is PLASTIC :sqnteek: what happened to good ol' vinyl??? Overall, the previous gen is better IMHO. ;)
Too bad the last model of Prelude wasn't on there. I think it was better than both the Integra and RSX.
SimTypeS said:
Too bad the last model of Prelude wasn't on there. I think it was better than both the Integra and RSX.
Couldn't agree more! :bigok:
i picked the Integra because i have one, but I test drove a Type-S, and its badasss..I thinks its pretty cool, but the Teg is anyway. Man, honda really messed the latest Gen prelude.. my friend has a 94 prelude VTEC, and its soo much better than the ones that were 97 and on..the new one looks more like a family car, alot more conservative.

Seriously people, Acura is a family of Acurasies! We must unite! NOW I MUST RIDE! FASTLY AND FURIOUSLY! WAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Integra. I don't like the whole 'balance-shaft' crap in the new Honda motors. That's junk in the it's going to be junk in the K20s. The car's are OK. RSXs are still groing on me for now. If I get rid of my teg, I'm getting a IS300 and turbo charging it. Or a TL-S on about 100shot of NOS.
I still have a strong love for the Type-Rs. Man - what a track car. It's the most balanced FWDer ever IMO.

The GSR still holds a place in my heart too. I had to always go and drive the new model GSR every year - and I was always impressed by how quiet the engine was.
quiet, thats somewhat of an exaggeration i think, an 8000 rpm redline in a little 4 banger is not that quiet..
no lie ... b18s acream
Not only do they acream but they scream like hell! Jeez Louize!:eek:
The best would be to have both !!!
An RSX Type S for everyday driving, and a Integra Type R for weekend Solo action and circuit racing.
RSX-S over Integra GS-R. Bigger motor, nicer interior, new design. On the race track, an RSX-S keeps up with an old ITR.
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