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I am looking to buy a TSX in the next couple months. Probably a 2011/2012 to make sure it has already depreciated the most and less than 100k miles on it. My goal is to drive the car for 6-12 months and sell it with minimal net cost. I want to eventually do this with higher end cars like gallardos and 458s but I have to start somewhere. My question for you is, what common problems are found in the TSX that I should be aware of? Also, what color combos would you recommend that help make the car more appealing when is time to resell? I would think black on black would be a good one (it usually is) but please give me more color combos that you have found to be in high demand. Also, roughly what would be a fair price range for a 2011/2012? Any other info you think is helpful please share it. I would appreciate it greatly. Pros and cons of the car as well.

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