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I am considering buying a used 2003 Acura TL Type S. Has around 117k miles on it. Seller claims his father had the transmission replaced some time ago. The VIN number indicates it is NOT in in the extended warranty series. Are transmissions of TL's not in the service bulletin significantly better than the ones in the service bulletin series.

My test drive indicates the car drove a bit heavy initially. After 10-15 minutes the car opened up and drove smoothly. Is this indicative of possible Transmission problems? I was under the impression if it was the transmission issue then it would be the other way around - transmission would be okay when the oil is cold and then act up when the oil heats up.

Also the car shakes during braking. The seller claimed he replaced front pads and resurfaced front rotors recently. Possible braking issues? Back brake issues?

The radio was asking for a code. He said he had the code from the original owner(his father for whome he was selling was the second one) and he tried that and it did not work. He claimed that a quick trip to Acura should do this for free. I am thinking the dealer would probably charge a couple of hundred dollars to reprogram the radio. Views from the more informed? Surprisingly the GPS used to work(and he also had the code from the original owner for GPS as well).
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