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Having a weird issue on my 96 KA9 where sometimes the starter cranks slow for half a second before getting up to normal speed. I am thinking it is most likely worn starter brushes..... so no big drama until I look at the service manual and see the process required for getting the starter motor out including lifting the engine and dismantling suspension/drive shafts! Looks like a job for a workshop! Or is it?

Looks to me like it may be possible to split the starter motor in situ by removing the two long bolts that would then allow the starter end plate, brush mount and maybe even the armature/armature housing to be removed.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to take the end plate off the starter motor in situ with no dramas as per the service manual in order to clean up the commutator and maybe replace brushes? Or is there still an 'access problem'? Anyone with any experience of this here?
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