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Hey guys,

I'm currently trying to sell my 2003 TL and I'm trying to figure out how much i can get for it. I have checked sites such as Kelly Blue book and sites similar to it and i'm getting so many different prices and figured someone on here would know a little better. i will list the details below and if someone could give me a ball park price id really appreciate it.

- 2003 Acura TL
- Color: Blue
- Miles: 135,000
- Engine: 3.2
- Side skirts and spoiler
- new transmission
- new brakes, tires, and rotors
- Navigation system
- 6 disc changer and tape player
- a few dings and scratches on front and back bumpers (nothing major)
- beige leather seats
- heated seats
- power windows and seats

If anyone could give me a quote or any suggestions on how to sell this car, again it would be greatly appreciated. I will post pictures at a later date
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