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Hello all,

Just an intro post as last month I purchased a 2008 Acura TL with Nav, rear cam. Haven't followed TL's much in recent years, I'm assuming the only option is still, "Nav?" or "No Nav?". Anywho, mine is Carbon "Bronze" Pearle, although I don't get the "Bronze" part so much...Carbon? Yes. Bronze, eh... Black interior. Long story short, my previous ride was a BMW 128i (also 08) which was in every way, shape, or form, absolutely brilliant. However cost became and issue and I've wanted another Acura for a while. I had a 2001 CL which was fantastic, but I had to get rid of after the second tranny went bye bye.

Was trying to put a pic up from the garage, but... oh kay.., check out the garage I suppose if need be...if you wish to see a stock Acura lol)

Well, you get the idea :sqnteek:

Hope to talk to you folks a bit more, as I always like to tastefully mod my automobiles, and hope to get some great ideas and suggestions from you guys!

Cheers! :beerchug:
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