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Hello everyone! I am new here and am
Not sure if i am posting in the right place.

I have a 2006 rsx base and i keep getting a random multiple misfire code and also cylinder 2 and 3 misfire codes. I will clear the codes and sometimes i will get 3 and 4 misfiring or 1 and 2 misfiring, it seems to be different whenever the light comes on! The only running problem the car has is every 10 or so times i start the engine it will idle at 500 rpm and sound like its running on 2 cylinders and usually stall out, it will do this at any temperature, hot or cold (when the car starts and runs at 500 rpm no matter how much i press the gas pedal i cannot bring up the rpms, almost like the gas pedal isnt connected to the throttle body) after about 5 min of start and stalls it will start and run at 500 rpm and then all of a sudden rpms will jump and all is fine! Other then that the car runs great lots of power no hesitation or spuddering while driving the engine light and codes only show up every 3-4 days and in that time i will have NO pending codes or anything. I changed my plugs (gapped properly) switched around all coils to watch and see if the misfire moved with the coils (nothing changed) checked compression(180psi across all cylinders) cleaned throttle body and sensors. And a bunch of other tests. Other then that intermitent starting issue and the misfire codes that appear randomly (and i dont even feel a misfire other then when it starts rough at 500rpm and the light does not come on during these rough starting episodes) I am getting frustrated and i would reallyyy appretiate any help or suggestions! My best guess is a failing camshaft position sensor.

Thanks for reading!!!!!
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