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My battery was disconnected, and of course I had to enter the codes for the Navigation and radio systems after that!
I am so PISSED.....the code for navigation worked just fine, but the radio code wouldn't be accepted. Called the dealership and they told me that they don't WHY it's not accepting the radio code....I am a woman - I don't know it, but the service department should know that..( it turned out it's a common issue and they know about it by now). So, I have started reading about this issue that turns out to be some kind of factory glitch! Acuras since 2002 had this problem... and my car is 2008! So, all these years Acura hasn't addresses this issue!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?????!!!!!!! VERY LUXuRY car???!!!
Unfortunately, my car is not under warranty now, and thus I was told that I would have to pay a $72 diagnostic fee + the repair!
Such a SHAME:
1. The service departments still pretend that they don't why it's not working!
2. It's a factory glitch that should be fixed for free! FREE!

I can't believe it that I have to pay for their fault!

It's time to file a class action lawsuit!
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