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Today GM issued a recall for ignition switches that shut off their cars. Has anyone had this happen to them driving their RDX because it has happened to my family members and Acura refuses to acknowledge the problem..probably like GM did.

While driving the Acura RDX at any speed the RDX will shut off resulting in
power or steering.

After my family members experienced a number of occurrences the car was
into the Acura dealership for examination. The car was returned without any

problems found.

I demonstrated to the service manager a design flaw in the key fob that I
contributes to this problem. The 2011 key fob has a key that when depressed
key is deployed in a switchblade manner. Once deployed the key is not
into place and can fold back onto itself even when in the ignition. When
key is in the ignition the key can fold creating a lever that if touched or
another key is on a key ring adds the slightest amount of weight the key
quite easily shut off the RDX while in motion.

With the car running I demonstrated this to the Acura Service manager that
using the slightest touch I was able to shut off the car. Since the key is
located within inches of the steering wheel the key can touched and quite
easily be shut off during normal driving conditions. This results in loss
power and control. I also demonstrated how the new designed fob in the
department has corrected this problem. At this time Acura needs to replace
affected key fobs with properly designed key fobs that they have in their
service department.

The service manager refused my request for replacement key fobs.
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