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RE: My System

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you in on my custom stereo system and customizing around the car.

1. Pioneer In-Dash 7" Motorized TV
2. Mobile TV 7" Widescreen Motorized Flip Down Monitor
3. Pioneer Single In-Dash DVD Player
4. Audiocontrol Four.1 Parametric EQ (Installed in the Dash)
5. Pioneer DEQ9200 Graphic EQ (Installed in the sunglass holder)
6. Pioneer Premier 3 - Way 6 1/2" Door Speakers
7. (3) JL 12" W6's
5. (1) 5 Farad digital Cap
6. (1) Optima Yellow Top Battery
7. (1) Xtant X1001 Single Channel Amp (Very under-rated; 1300
Watts RMS clean)
8. (1) Xtant X604 4 Channel Amp (Over 600 Watts RMS)
9. (4) Cooling Fans in the trunk
10. (1) Extra Stinger Battery in the trunk
11. Upgraded the factory alternator to 185A from Ohio Generator

The whole system took about 3 weeks to complete. The whole car was ripped apart and dynamat was placed in it. There is no vibrations at all. The system is pumping out over 2000 watts. :eek: :eek: The flip down screen is placed right behind the sunroof for the back passengers. The box took 4 days to build itself. The trunk is bright as hell with blue and yellow lights everywhere. It is a bandpass box with lights and mirrors all over the place for a competition look. The whole trunk is wrapped in leather and the amps are placed on the floor. Had yellow neons placed inside the amp also. I also have a strobe flashing in the trunk right inside the cap.

Have custom cleared out headlights, custom mesh grill in the front, inspire taillights, wings west body kit, limo tint all around including the front windshield, blue foglights, neon footwell lighting, etc...

Future mods:

Custom installed TV in the steering wheel.:eek:

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Sounds awesome. Where's the pics?
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