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Both of the back doors on my '07 RDX have stopped working by using lock buttons on the front doors. They have to be locked and unlocked manually. I have been to several auto parts stores trying to locate an actuator or some advice, but no one can seem to locate anything with regards to the door locks. Do I need a kit or something? Anybody have this problem before? I had to have the front door lock (drivers side) repaired a year or so ago and the cost was unbelievable at the dealership. I've searched the internet but no luck yet.... suggestions?

Other problem is the keyless entry. This is not causing the door lock problem. The unlock button is stuck and will not work. If I lock the back doors manually and close all doors, the lock button work using the keyless entry. The unlock button doesn't do anything at all. It doesn't move when pressed. Any recommendations on where I can get a replacement without spending a fortune? I found some websites but figured since I'm asking about the door locks, someone would also have some good recommendations for this. Looks like I need to buy the keyless entry and then get it programmed. Not real sure of the process here.

Thanks in advance.
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