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Hello -

I have a few questions: My local Acura dealership told me that an Acura/Honda version of remote start could be installed on the 2019 ILX, but only for the base and Technology package levels (regardless if it's A-Spec or not). However, they're unable to install it on the Premium package level. How does this make sense? The Premium trim is the trim level between the base and the Technology packages. I thought the only advantage the Technology package has is an enhanced sound system and a very outdated navigation system. What does that have to do with remote start? And how is it that the base trim can have remote start installed, but not the Premium package-level? As you can guess I drive a 2019 ILX with the Premium package.


That being said, what third party remote start system would you recommend? And should I worry at all about it voiding my warranty? By the way, I don't need a screen on my remote start or the ability to link it to my smart phone. Furthermore, I'd rather just carry around my own Acura key fob and not anything in addition to it.

Thank you for your help in advance. =)
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