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I have a 2012 TL that I bought new 3 years ago. 4 months after buying the car, I had a minor accident in the parking lot at work that damaged the front bumper and fender. I was literally driving about 2 miles per hour when I hit the other car, however there was some noticeable damage.

I took it to two repair shops the first shop gave me ~$1200-1500 estimate saying it could be more when they took it apart. the second said they could make it look decent for $300 (not perfect, etc) and save me making an insurance claim.

I chose the $300 option-- the car looked better, but not perfect. This was two years ago, and the visible damage is starting to wear on me.

I have a couple of questions-
1. Would a front bumper cover be something that is easy for the repair shop to paint and replace to improve the way the car looks? They are not very expensive (<$150 online)
2. does anyone have an resources for buying one that is already painted?
3. Also, there must have been some bending of the fender slightly because I can see where they had to bend the bumper slightly (and it has a small crack where it looks stressed)- would this be possible to fix easily?
4. any advice on repair shops? I live in Orlando Florida.

Thank you for any input/suggestions you have!!
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