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So the rear deck speakers on my RL are cracking because of the bass when I turn the radio up past half way. I am looking to replace both of them and Im looking on Ebay and when its all said and done I can buy stock replacements for around 20 a peice or I could up grade to maybe something better and unused.

Here is my problem I know nothing about speakers. I do know Bose is a very good brand and all my friends growing up raved about Infinity speakers. Can anyone recommend a set of rear deck speakers that can hold the bass and have good sound quality? I willing to spend a 100 on the set but not much more.

Also I know behind the rear seats there is a Bose AMP (ive been told its 200 watts). Im not sure of the watts it pushes but is there a upgrade I can do that would be "plug n play". Along with that is pushing more watts actually going to do anything for me? I know if I buy aftermarket speakers slight modification when it comes to the wiring will be required. But Im not looking to cut holes or things like that to make it fit.

All sugestions and input will be great.

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