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Hi, I am performing my first ATF drain and fill after reading the DIY post on it. My 2000 RL has 194,000 miles on it and I had the dealer do the trans drain and fill way back when they did the timing belt at about 115,000. So I put the front end on ramps and removed the drain plug. Then I used two floor jacks to raise the back so the car was level and let it drain for about 10 min. I then put the plug back and lowered the car and put one qt in the transmission and then poured the old fluid from the drain pan in my now empty qt. It turns out my drain pan only had a single qt, not 3 qt like I am supposed to have. So I thought maybe my AT was low. I lowered the car to the ground and started it up and pulled it out of the driveway and put it in all 4 forward gears and reverse twice, then I shut the engine off and pulled the dipstick. It showed red fluid at about the proper level. I wiped it off and inserted it again and again it showed full. What did I do wrong. Why didn't I get 3 quarts out of the transmission like I am supposed to??

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