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1. Do you ever read the RL magazines such as Big League etc?
2. On average, how many games do you go to a year?
3. Cooper Cronk or Jarrod Mullen?
4. John Cartwright or Kevin Moore?
5. Ben Hannant or Nathan Cayless?
6. Peter Wallace or Matt Orford?
7. Titans or Broncos?
8. Do you own Rugby League 2 on PS2 or Xbox or PC?
9. John Sutton or Feleti Mateo
10. Do you listen to the Continuous Call Team*?
11. Josh Morris or Michael Jennings?
12. Luke Patten or Kurt Gidley?
13. Ben Creagh or Anthony Watmough?
14. Storm or Warriors?
15. Fox Sports commentary or Channel 9 commentary?
16. Aaron Payne or Matthew Keating?
17. Do you enjoy the Thursday Night Footy Show?
18. Do you watch the Sunday Rugby League shows?
19. Who would you prefer at your club? Wendell Sailor or Lote Tuqiri?
20. Do you follow the A-League?
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