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Item: RSX DC Race Header Megan Shorty, Axleback OBX Test Pipe Exhaust Full Stock 06 S w/cat

Price: $225 varies

Location: Davie, FL

Contact: PM

Item Description: Got basically 2.5 Exhaust systems. Pics not in any order.

Off the car:

1. DC Race Header $225
2. Stock 06 RSX Type S Header $50
3. Stock 06 S Catalytic Converter $240
4. Stock 06 S Catback Exhaust $190
5. Stock 04 RSX-S Header (it's shorter than 06) $45
6. Megan N1 burnt style Axleback $45

On the car:
7. Megan Shorty Header
8. OBX test pipe w/defouler
9. OBX Catback Exhaust (Comptech Replica) Only selling together for $390

10. 2 Vibrant quarter inch exhaust spacers for 2.5" + 2 gaskets.

Full Description
1. DCRH: I bought it used and never put it on. Previous owner said he put a new flexpipe on there. It is different from original and poorly welded but it does the job. It has a welded on O2 fouler in the primary hole. IDK why he did this but it seems odd. That's why its at a discounted price.

2, 3, 4: Stock 06 RSX-S full exhaust. All in great shape. Will not part midpipe and muffler. Header was last to come off but the rest was used together. One problem with header: a hole is stripped so I drilled it out a bit and will include a nut to put on the other end. Will work perfect.

5. 04 S header. Bought this from a friend a while back. No problems.

6. Megan Axleback. Its just a muffler and Meineke made the piping. Bolts on perfect.

7. Megan shorty: Bought this used too. It seems like it was made for 02-04 due to length. Inner pipe at the end is cracked a little. Pic will show. I put it on today and no problem though. Also one hole is stripped.

8. OBX test pipe: Like new. Has bungs for O2's. Includes CEL eliminator. Doesn't stretch wires.

9. OBX exhaust. Its basically a comptech replica. 1 Small ding on resonator that it came with new. Minor scratches on midpipe. Full 2.5 Inside diameter piping. Being OBX it didn't fit right and was too short. 3 inches of pipe was added. Welds on that part are as good if not better than the welds on the rest of the exhaust. Paid $80 for that. Now its flush with the bumper. Wasn't a problem that the Megan shorty was shorter.

10. Spacers: Willing to separate. $20 each or $35 for both. Used for less than a week. Exhaust was too short to fit and I needed these to get it on.


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