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I have a 1998 3.0 CL that needs new tires. OEM wheels are beat up so I want to replace them. While looking at tires on I saw that you can also order Velox wheels through Costco. Prices were great so I took a chance and ordered wheels - 16 inch, 7 inches wide. They use the same size tires as stock - 205-55-16. Wheels arrived at my house, tires arrived at Costco so I went in today to get them mounted and installed. They wouldn't do it because they are wider than the OEM 6 inchers, citing safety/handling reasons.

I know wider wheels and larger diameter wheels are put on cars all the time. This change appears to me to be quite minor - only changing the width, not the diameter and using the same tires as OEM. Is there really any reason to be concerned or is this just Costco tire center being very careful for liability reasons?

Since it's a Sunday the guys in the shop have to wait until tomorrow to talk to Velox and to their manager and perhaps Costco corporate to see what they can do. At the worst, I can just take in the wheels, have the tires mounted and balanced, bring them home and put them on the car myself.

I'm active on a couple of Corvette forums but this is the first time I have posted on this forum. The Acura is the car that my college student daughter drives and probably will still drive for a while after she graduates and starts working. Once she is ready to move on to something newer, I will probably take this car and enjoy it as an alternative to my 'Vette and mini-pickup. It was purchased new by my mother who gave it to us for my daughter's use a couple of years ago. It only has 81K miles on it and is a great car and looks almost brand new.

Thanks for any wisdom this board can impart.

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