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scary tale timing belt 96 tegra

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96 ls integra automatic .. we call it red rover ..Yeah I know,, I have heard it,, but I am not as scared as most shops want me to be.. OK son driving down hwy at 60 mph looses power.. no noises .. just everything went dead. he calls me .,, i go there and wait for AAA to tow it home it is too dark to see anything .. no flash lights. next day took a look at it and find the timing belt shredded.. nothing left. since I have no tools here no feeler gauges and noted the first cylinder is topside,, i removed the spark plug and looked down in .. nothing hit. piston head is as clean as a whistle.

I am just hoping that all of them look so good and we luck out on this whole deal.. I have the vin here : JH4DC4451TS003034 manufacture date is 08 1995 ,,i know it is an interference engine.. the one garage i usually take my cars to said it was a non interference engine and refused to touch the car. my brother who is 1100 miles away,, said not to take it to them it is an interference engine and PFI so we took it to another garage,, ordered the water pump and tension-er kit with belt,, they said they would fit it in Thursday i haven't heard anything and drove by today Sunday and it was still sitting on the lot>??? no news is good news.. not likely so what waiting to clear the lot so they can tie up a bay for a week lol.. i sure hope not..

anyone on here work on Honda's and know what the percent is that lucks out on these models? be interested in hearing some more favorable numbers as I have done some lurking and hear some pretty dumb comments not even knowing make and models and people saying timing belt gone then valves are all gone replace all of it.. which I know for a fact is BS be interested in hearing from experienced tech's who had worked on them for years tell me the truth high percent or low.. and if the first is clean and clear from damage.. how likely are the other 3 sets gimme a rough estimate over the 250 i am already gonna shell out if i have valve and or piston involvement
Thanks in advance..LAD

also we have decided that we are cheaping out on parts only because we aren't planning on keeping the car more than a year only enough time to safe enough to buy a newer car.. 96 is getting too worn to rely on it anymore,, bought it at 135,000 figured it was maintained,, bad idea ,, i guess people don't invest and do general maintenance as they ought to we assumed the timing belt had been done.. bad move . 185,000 miles not even and she is gone..
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