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I am currently trying to sell my 1994 Legend coupe with about 150k and a possible head gasket issue. Still drives although it overheats within about an hour depending on how you drive. Its dark green and interior is in fair condition. Leather is ripped on front seats. Its an automatic. Its had an accident resulting in front end damage. Had to replace the bumper as well as the radiator and ac compressor. Hoods pretty well damaged. Windshield is cracked on passengers side. Radiator hose broke which is the reason for the overheating and subsequent blown gaskets. Replaced the hose but problem still persists. I believe despite the issues its still worth about 1000 just because of its rarity and the fact it is an Acura. I'm willing to take 850 for it. It's got a title loan currently but that can be worked out.
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