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avengerjr said:
doesn't really matter, they are both going to be better than the stock air box, b/c they are both pulling in more air.

i have a cai and i did in my previous car, so i can't talk as to the actual differences between a cai and a short ram.
Hey guys.. ill chime in on the #'s here..

CAI - Longer induction tract, on a standing launch will generate greater torque which is beneficial to a strong launch. Also at speed draws air thats approx 60 degrees cooler thus is denser and creates a more volatile and staic charge for combustion .. approx ever 10degrees is about 1% HP Increase.

Short Ram - Short Path - Less torque but greater HP as a result of less parasitic loss from respiration and draw of intake. A good approach if you live in a cold climate as you wone get the temp. penalty as if you live in Florida where under your hood its about 200 Degrees...

BTW.. Its the infamous Xephyr chiming in ....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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