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Choosing which new car to buy is one of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to getting a new ride, but so is how you’re going to pay for it.

Will you pay in cash, lease the car for a few years, or get a car loan and pay it back over a period of time? If you’re still unsure about what path to take, then take a look below and learn all about your options.

Paying for your car in cash has the most clear-cut advantages and disadvantages. For starters, when you buy a car in cash, it immediately goes under your name, and not under the bank’s, meaning it will be less of a hassle to sell the car.

Additionally, paying for the car outright liberates you from the worry of having to pay for it over an extended period of time. There are already plenty of monthly costs associated with car ownership, like insurance, gas and maintenance. Adding car or loan payments may cause a budget nightmare.

Furthermore, if you’re into personalizing or modifying your car, buying the car outright puts no restrictions on what you can or can’t do to the vehicle, which is something that can’t be said if you opt to lease.

Still, paying upfront for a car takes a huge chunk out of your bank account, and may leave you with limited funds for a rainy day, repairs or other financial situations that may arise. Additionally, since cars aren’t considered appreciable assets, paying for one in cash isn’t considered to be smart investing.
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