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Sidemarkers: Yes/No?

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Thinking about putting orange side markers on my ABP. You guys think this is too tacky or might look ok? Nothing big, just small size ones on the front end.

I havent finalized anything yet, but this is where I plan on putting them (if there is space). Any feedback is appreciated!

Ps: Credit to Mr. Hyde. This is his ride, but I just wanted to show you the general area on where I might put it.


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i know its on the inspire...but still, most of the time it doesn't look good to me...i like side markers on the side mirrors...german cars look aight with them on the side too...just think it would be tacky unless its JDM honda shiat...Shyne:king:
True, true.
If anyone has em' and can post pics, that would be a big help.
I vote for NOOOOO!!!!!! No need to clutter up that BEAUTIFUL blue with some tacky orange side marker lights!!! Leave it be!! Enough with the "JDM" hype...
I think clear sidemarkers would look badazz on an ABP TL. Hell, even the orange would look good if you keep the orange in your headlights:cool: go for it:thumbsup:
It will look a b it cluttered, but might look sweet at night (day too). Damn, if someone had some pics.
You guys must be NUTS!:D The sidemarkers look great on our cars, especially a clear one. Check it out:

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bloo_tls02 said:
Got any close ups??
I'm trying to find it.:D
umm.... i don't particularly like side markers on our car. if any, clear marker on nbp is good. for other colors, i think orange is better.
NOOOO! I think it only looks good on Bimmers.
I like the look of sidemarkers, but even putting looks aside for the moment, sidemarkers are a nice safety feature from which any car could stand to benefit.:)
Just be careful when you drill that hole, cuz if you [email protected]# up, thats gonna be one expensive sidemarker you just got!! I heard that putting some masking tape over the area to be drilled helps protect the rest of the paint and prevents peeling of the paint?? Anyone else have any tips?
bloo_tls02 said:
Got any close ups??
Of what? The sidemarkers or the dorky looking dude next to them? :D :D

:p Binh

But yeah, sidemarkers are tite.. I like the added bit of style.. :)
The sidemarkers look really clean. i'm pretty sure i'm a get those. does anyone know how much those will cost by any chance?
these were from kman156 over @ a-tl, but i thought they looked pretty tight.


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ok the other pics were to large to attach, but here is the link to them. i believe he said they were from a bmw 745.
Any pics of orange sidemarkers (i dont have my heads cleared). I saw an SSM Inspire w/ the orange and wasnt that impressed. Wondering if there are any ABP's w/ them?
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