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I took my Integra to a friend's dynojet tonight. Numbers were disappointing and low for my setup.

JDM B18C short block
P72-2 head
Unknown cams
Skunk2 or Blox IM (Type R copy)
Aftermarket intake pipe and K&N filter
4-2-1 Header
Full exhaust no cat with a Thrush muffler
Chipped and converted P06 ECU with a map from a dyno tuned bolt-on GSR

Made 147whp/115wtq. I was under the impression that those are bone stock numbers. The afr was good above 6,000 rpm (12.8:1 - 13:1) and playing with timing on the dizzy did not net any increases. At 7800 rpm the power suddenly takes an immediate steep turn down. I will try to get the graph up here but at 7800 rpm the power is at 147 and at 8000 rpm the power is already down to 130. No valve float, no detonation. I think I may have B16 cams or the cam timing is off with the stock gears, like off a tooth. From everything i've read I should have at least 13whp more... But the car runs pretty much like it should. 2420 lb car with a 220 lb driver and I get 0-60 mph in ~7.3 seconds and 0-100 mph in about 16.2 seconds. Any and all help is appreciated. I am a freak about fine-tuning my cars and making sure they run how they should.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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