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So. CAL club NIte 5-18-02

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Hey peeps from so. cali, if your interested in going to a club this coming 5-18-02, give me your info i'll contact you and place to meet up, don't miss out on this event.
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going clubbin???
Ivan, i guess we need a place and time and how much is cover???
price about $15 dollars lets meet up here in San gabriel, any suggestions? where?
what club? what type of music and shit? I'll be down this weekend, I'll need to find somewhere to get my shits and giggles
For you guys that don't have my cell phone number , it's
626-233-0536, call me that saturday.
all right another number to crank call, yeppie !!!

:D :beerchug: :bigok:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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